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Reporter : Kang Hyun-kyung
Sat, July 2, 2022 | 04:49
Korean author's gripping stories fascinate European readers
Best-selling author Lee Jung-myung's daily habits are quite different from those of other Korean novelists.Unlike many other writers, he's not a night owl. Waking up early in the morning, like a full-time salaried worker, he works from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in his studio near his home in Seoul, researching topics that interest him to get inspiration for future book projects, writi...
[INTERVIEW] Confucius Institutes trigger dispute between US-educated, China studies professors
Kim Hyun-cheol, a professor in Yonsei University's Department of Chinese Language & Literature and the director of the Confucius Institute (CI) on its campus, had a meeting with the university's president recently to discuss the CI's presence on their campus.
My criteria for selecting Korea's next leader
The upcoming presidential election has a striking characteristic which distinguishes it from previous elections.
'Don't mention 3Ts': Confucius Institutes endanger academic freedom in Korea
With sweat on their faces due to the summer heat and poor air conditioning, some 100 people, gathered at Gwangin Central Church in the southeastern city of Daegu on Aug. 6, were intently watching the documentary titled, “In the Name of Confucius.” Directed by Chinese Canadian filmmaker Doris Liu, the 2017 documentary revolves around Sonia Zhang, a former Confucius Institute (...
[INTERVIEW] 'I take persecution by China as an honor'
Doris Liu's life has made a dramatic turn from a fully committed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member who indoctrinated university students with the communist ideology to a caused-driven filmmaker, producer and writer fighting against the CCP. Despite the shift in her attitude toward the party, there's one thing that has remained the same - her commitment to her home country ...
MBC news head quits to take responsibility for Olympics reporting blunders
The head of MBC's news headquarters resigned on Monday to take responsibility for a sequence of serious blunders made by the national television during the Tokyo Olympics.
Taliban, a chilling reminder of 2007 hostage crisis
The Taliban's gaining control of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of U.S. military forces is a chilling reminder for Koreans of the nightmare that continued for 42 days during the summer of 2007.
Court orders culture ministry to reinstate dismissed official
Former culture ministry official Han Min-ho, 59, has endured “self-chosen” tribulations for nearly two years, since he was dismissed in October 2019 after openly criticizing President Moon Jae-in for flaws in the administration's policies.
75-year-old grandmother's plea for justice
During her entire life, Choi Mal-ja, 75, said there were two things she was resolute on achieving before her death: a college education and challenging the judiciary to reverse a Busan District Court ruling in 1965 which denied her self-defense claim in a rape attempt case and made her a criminal for seriously injuring a then 21-year-old man who sexually assaulted her.
[INTERVIEW] UK economist calls for redirecting capitalism to make it more inclusive
Guy Standing, a professorial research associate at SOAS University of London and author of “The Precariat: the New Dangerous Class,” observed that rising job insecurity across the world is the result of neo-liberals' ceaseless pursuit of a flexible labor market and their allegedly wrong remedies have paved the way for unbridled capitalism that only benefits the haves at the e...
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