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Reporter : Dong Sun-hwa
Thu, January 20, 2022 | 09:06
VIXX's Ravi to release new album 'Love&Fight' on Feb. 8
Ravi of K-pop boy group VIXX is poised to drop his second full-length album, “Love&Fight,” on Feb. 8, according to his agency, GROOVL1N, Tuesday.
BTS-inspired webtoon '7FATES: CHAKHO' is making waves, but what is 'chakho'?
As many people had expected, the BTS-inspired webtoon, “7FATES: CHAKHO,” turned out to be an instant hit, with the digital comic exceeding 15 million views only two days after its release on Jan. 15.
[INTERVIEW] '6equence': MAMAMOO's Moonbyul unfolds 6 different stories in new album
For Moonbyul, being part of one of the most talented K-pop acts - MAMAMOO - was a double-edged sword.
'COMPLETE WITH YOU:' AB6IX dedicates new album to fans
K-pop boy group AB6IX gifted its fans with a special album titled, “COMPLETE WITH YOU,” Monday. It is a sequel to the group's previous releases, “MO' COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM” (2021) and “MO' COMPLETE” (2021), in which the four members deliver the message that AB6IX cannot be completed without its fans.
YouTube Music emerges as leading streaming platform in Korea
Until a few years ago, Korean music streaming service Melon seemed to have no rivals in terms of market share, with its share nearing 50 percent in 2018, according to data tracker Nielsen Koreanclick. Yet, the rising influence of YouTube Music, a streaming service developed by global video sharing platform YouTube in 2018, is threatening its dominance.
Kep1er tops M Countdown just 11 days after debut
K-pop rookies Kep1er grabbed the No. 1 spot on a Korean music show for the first time Thursday, only 11 days after debuting.
Netflix to step up investment in Korean content, Netflix Korea VP says
Global streaming platform Netflix will continue to invest in Korean content and release more creative shows in 2022 to reach a global audience, says Don Kang, the vice president of content for Netflix Korea, who won an award at the 2022 Korea Image Awards, Wednesday, on behalf of his company.
Is K-pop merchandise too expensive?
Last week, numerous fans of K-pop behemoth BTS took to Twitter and other social media platforms to vent their discontent over the high price of cotton pajamas designed by band member Jin, which were being sold for 119,000 won ($99.6) per pair on Weverse Shop - a commerce platform established by BTS's management company HYBE.
MAMAMOO's Wheein to shake up music scene with new release 'WHEE'
The competition for the top spots on the music charts will be fiercer than ever this month, with a wave of celebrated K-pop divas, including former IZ*ONE member Yena, GFriend's Yuju and MAMAMOO's Moonbyul, gearing up for fresh releases.
[REVIEW] ATEEZ embarks on journey to become game changer
Many predict that boy groups ATEEZ, The Boyz and Stray Kids will eventually become the game changers spearheading the fourth generation of K-pop. Armed with musical prowess and distinctive characters, the three acts ― which are collectively dubbed “zzz” as their group names all end with “z” or “s” ― have been raising their international profile and quickly establishing solid ...
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