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Reporter : Dong Sun-hwa
Thu, July 7, 2022 | 05:24
[INTERVIEW] How Frank Wildhorn became most popular musical composer in Korea
What makes a great composer? Talent, effort or luck may help, but in the case of American musical/popular song composer Frank Wildhorn, his ability to enjoy the entire process of songwriting seems to be the most powerful weapon he has. Being creative can be a form of torture for some people, but for him, it is pure joy.
Korean studies struggles to grow despite success of K-pop, K-dramas
Korean cultural content is sweeping the world off its feet. K-pop titan BTS earned two nominations at the prestigious Grammy Awards, while the 2021 Korean survival series, “Squid Game,” attracted the views of over 142 million households worldwide on streaming platform Netflix. Actor Song Kang-ho recently became the first male actor from Korea to nab the Best Actor award at th...
Korea's 1st queer romance reality show to hit air July 8
“Merry Queer,” the first LGBTQ romance reality show made in Korea, will premiere on the streaming platform, Wavve, July 8. The program will show how LGBTQ couples in Korea tackle the different challenges they face as they try to keep their relationship strong. But Wavve has not revealed many details about the cast.
[INTERVIEW] With unusual nicknames and backgrounds, MIRAE eyes becoming next big K-pop star
Upon sitting in their chairs for an interview, the seven members of rookie K-pop boy group MIRAE - meaning “future” in Korean - began introducing themselves. But before saying their names, they first introduced their nicknames - including “Cotton candy,” “Wolf,” “Angel” and “Christmas” - which were all hard to forget.
Musical 'Sandglass' is love letter to original TV drama
Among all the Korean dramas that have aired to date, SBS' “Sandglass” (1995) is the third most-viewed series ever. Starring acclaimed actors such as Choi Min-soo, Ko Hyun-jung and Park Sang-won, the mega-hit drama was reportedly so popular that there were hardly any people on the street when it was on the air.
'Im Nayeon': TWICE's Nayeon shows who she is with her 1st solo EP
It has taken about seven years for Nayeon to go solo since her 2015 debut as part of K-pop girl group TWICE. But the 26-year-old singer, whose first solo EP “Im Nayeon” came out on Friday afternoon (KST), believes it is not too late.
'Casting meddling' claim stirs musical scene
The nation's musical scene is under a cloud of confusion and internal squabbling, following allegations that a big-name actress made producers cast her close acquaintances in a popular musical. The chaos has driven veteran musical actors to issue a statement to call on actors to refrain from meddling in the casting process.
KARD's new release 'Re:' heralds rebirth of co-ed group
“Re:” - the title of the fifth mini-album by mixed-gender K-pop quartet KARD - stands for multiple words, like rebirth and restart, but it has one clear message: KARD is eager to refresh itself. “'Re' is a prefix meaning 'again,' so we thought it was the best title for our new release, which came out after more than a year off,” leader BM said during a media event at Yonsei U...
Winner, aespa: K-pop hotshots prepare for July releases
K-pop lovers will have their hands full in July, with dozens of K-pop stars putting out their new music offerings next month. From WJSN to Winner to aespa, some of the most attention-grabbing acts are getting ready to steal the hearts of people with their summer songs.
Sakamoto clears plagiarism allegations against singer-songwriter You Hee-yeol
Prolific Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto has taken a stand against allegations that Korean singer-songwriter You Hee-yeol plagiarized his 1999 release “Aqua” to write his 2021 song, “A Very Private Evening.” Sakamoto's comments came about a week after You was accused of plagiarism when some internet users pointed out on Instagram that “A Very Private Evening” - a track mad...
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