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Sun, December 4, 2022 | 17:19
Korean art market is expanding, but still faces challenges to becoming Asia's hub
HONG KONG - The Korean art market has not been the first choice for collectors over other options like the U.S., Hong Kong or the U.K. when art auction season starts. But with Korea's increasing cultural footprint in the world, demand for Korean artworks has also grown. The latest indication of this trend is Frieze's art fair that was held in Seoul in September of this year, ...
New soccer star Cho Gue-sung grabs headlines for more than just goals
HONG KONG ― His team may have lost 3-2 to Ghana in Monday's group stage match at this year's World Cup, but South Korea's handsome forward, Cho Gue-sung, is enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity, highlighted by his skyrocketing number of Instagram followers.
K-pop group Super Junior dazzles Hong Kong, overseas fans in world tour concert
HONG KONG - On Nov. 19 and 20, the AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong's largest venue of 14,000 seats, was filled with fans, where the veteran K-pop star Super Junior played two shows as part of its “Super Show 9: Road” world tour, its first time in the city in more than four years.
Asia Rugby admits it didn't give Chinese anthem file to Korean body
HONG KONG - Asia Rugby has admitted that the organization didn't pass on the Chinese national anthem audio file to the Korea Rugby Union, regarding the incident in which the Hong Kong protest anthem was played instead of China's national anthem for the Hong Kong team during the final of the Asia Rugby Sevens Series held in Incheon, Korea, Sunday.
Hong Kong becomes battlefield for Shine Muscat grapes among Korea, Japan, China
HONG KONG - Shine Muscat grapes - developed in Japan - are popular in Hong Kong. Despite their high price, the fruit is eaten for special occasions or given as a sign of respect. Hongkongers' fascination with Japan and its produce helped it dominate the market for this fruit. But with an increasing number of producers from South Korea and China now offering high-quality grape...
Hong Kong protest anthem played at Rugby Sevens series in Korea
HONG KONG - The Korea Rugby Union, the local operator of the second leg of the Asia Rugby Sevens Series held in Korea between Nov. 12 and 13, apologized for playing “Glory to Hong Kong,” a protest anthem widely sung during the 2019-2020 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, instead of the Chinese national anthem, “March of the Volunteers,” during the men's final round between ...
Meet the women of cover dance crew Chocomint HK, whose 'K-pop in public' videos have gone viral
HONG KONG - You may have seen them if you are living in Hong Kong: six young women performing in some of the busiest and most scenic spots in the city, their dance moves slick and stylish. The women make up Chocomint HK, a K-pop cover dance crew whose members are taking part in “K-pop in public,” a popular trend on social media platforms such as YouTube.
Hong Kongers find Itaewon tragedy reminiscent of past, question lack of crowd control in Seoul
HONG KONG - Some claim the Saturday crowd crush in Itaewon, which killed at least 154 people as of Monday, was like a natural disaster that no one could have prevented. However, many Hong Kongers who learned lessons from a similar incident in Lan Kwai Fong in 1993 think it was the government's job to control the crowds to prevent such a tragedy from happening.
K-pop industry reduces dependence on Chinese market
HONG KONG - Since the early 2010s, K-pop groups recruiting Chinese members had been a common phenomenon. Most successful idol groups, such as EXO, have at least one foreign member from Greater China - including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan - to target fans from the area. Many of those members led their bands' activities in the region, creating fan bases there a...
Soprano Sumi Jo, HK idol band Mirror's Keung To sing in harborfront concert in Hong Kong
HONG KONG - Soprano Sumi Jo and Keung To of Hong Kong's idol boy band Mirror will be singing a Mirror song in Cantonese and Korean during the opening concert on Nov. 18 for a music festival scheduled at Hong Kong's scenic West Kowloon harborfront. It will be one of the first large-scale concerts to be held as well as the first public appearance of a Mirror member singing sinc...
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