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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Sun, December 4, 2022 | 18:00
Busan mayor meets Bulgarian president to muster support for Expo 2030
Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon, who is currently visiting Europe to promote the southern port city's bid to host Expo 2030, met Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, Wednesday, to drum up support from the East European country.
Seoul mayor charts path for 30% drop in greenhouse gas emissions by 2026
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said the Korean capital is on its way to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2026 via curbing single-use wastes and improving the city's circular economy, which involves incentives for reusing products.
Busan unveils roadmap for becoming English-friendly city to host Expo 2030
Busan Metropolitan City has unveiled an official roadmap for becoming the country's first official English-friendly city, where usage of the language will be encouraged and speakers will be better catered to. The Creative Education Division under the city government's Youth and Industrial-Academic Support Bureau revealed the plan in detail on Monday.
Labor minister refuses to adopt basic wage system for truckers
Minister of Employment and Labor Lee Jung-sik made it clear that the government will not accept demands by striking truckers to permanently offer a basic wage system, saying such an arrangement has not been proven to be effective during the past three years it was implemented. At a press conference for foreign journalists here on Tuesday, Lee said laborers no longer need to b...
Millennials, Gen. Z vulnerable to digital sex crime
Lee, an 18-year-old girl in Seoul, met an unidentified male at an online chatting space through social media. He asked her where she lives, which school she attends and asked for photos of her. His demands became more lurid as he asked for more revealing photos, which turned her off and prompted her to ignore his additional messages. Later, Lee's friend informed her that the ...
How bears, old waterwheel helped Hadong County mountain villages go carbon-free
HADONG, South Gyeongsang Province ― As the guide at Bear Village makes beckoning sounds into her microphone, two large Asian black bears emerge sluggishly from their abode inside a concrete cubical structure. One female bear, aged 21 (147 years old in human age, according to Choi Da-hee, the guide), approaches the foot of the eight-meter-high wooden observatory deck in the mi...
Nation's south reels from drought-ravaged water shortage
Houses were inundated and people were stranded in farms after Uljin, Donghae and other eastern coastal cities in Korea were flooded by over 180 millimeters of rain over two days earlier this week. However, regions on the other side of the country are now reeling from a completely opposite kind of climate disaster. The low levels of precipitation over the past months are causi...
How TBS fell out of favor with its sponsor, Seoul City
Acerbic liberal journalist Kim Ou-joon, who's been hosting the country's controversial radio news show “News Factory” on TBS for the past six years, now poses the biggest threat to the fate of not just his show but also the company.
Netflix subsidiary signs $100 mil. deal with Seoul for new production studio
Eyeline Studios, a subsidiary of global video streaming giant Netflix, has signed a deal with Seoul City to invest $100 million to introduce in the Korean capital a new video production studio that promises hundreds of new job opportunities.
Rival parties quarrel over cash transfer to North Korea
Rep. Youn Kun-young of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) has denied allegations that the former Moon Jae-in government sent millions of dollars in bribes to North Korea to agree to hold inter-Korean summits in 2018 and 2019.
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