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Reporter : Anna J. Park
Sun, December 4, 2022 | 17:11
Hana Financial promotes mental health with Dr. Oh Eun-young
Hana Financial Group announced Sunday that it hosted a presentation with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Oh Eun-young late last week to provide practical advice for the group's employees to address mental health issues both at work and at home. About 500 workers attended the event held on Friday at Hana Global Campus, the financial group's employee training facility located in Inch...
Hahn & Co. completes acquisition of film business from SKC
Korean private equity firm Hahn & Co. said that it has successfully completed the acquisition of the industrial film business of SKC, an affiliate of Korea's SK Group, earlier this month. The 1.6 trillion won ($1.2 billion) buyout deal is the country's largest M&A transaction closed this year. Hahn & Co. and the SK Group signed a stock purchase agreement in June this year, la...
Won-dollar rate falls below 1,300 for 1st time in nearly four months
For the first time since mid-August, the won-dollar exchange fell below the 1,300 mark during Thursday's trading, after U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell mentioned the likelihood of slowing the pace of rate hikes before the end of the year.
Demand for top-rated corporate bonds shows signs of recovery
Investment sentiment towards top-rated corporate bonds seems to be improving in the local market, as AA-rated companies have recently succeeded in attracting enough capital for their bonds. According to the investment banking industry Thursday, SK Inc. attracted more than triple the necessary capital with its issuance plan of corporate bonds. During its recent book-building p...
MBK Partners tapped as preferred bidder to acquire Medit
MBK Partners, one of the largest private equity firms in Asia, has a chance to acquire digital dental business Medit within this year, after being tapped recently as a preferred bidder, and will now enjoy exclusivity in the acquisition discussions with Medit's largest shareholder, Unison Capital. According to investment banking industry insiders, Wednesday, Citigroup Global M...
[CONTRIBUTION] Climate finance takes center stage at COP27
The 27th U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP27) was held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from Nov. 6 to 20. World leaders kickstarted the conference on an urgent and somber note. 2022 has shown that climate change can indeed pose an existential threat to humanity, as the year has been marked with several devastating and unprecedented floods, heat waves, droughts and storms. Making...
Apple Pay anticipated to launch in Korea in December
Despite earlier market expectations that Apple Pay would be launched in Korea from Nov. 30, it is estimated that the starting date of the payment service in the country will be delayed to sometime around December.
Chicken, beer stock prices plunge after Korea loses to Ghana
Following a disappointing defeat of the Korean national soccer squad in a match with Ghana on Monday, the prices of chicken and alcohol stocks plunged during Tuesday's trading session, due in part to concerns that the public's enthusiasm in supporting Team Korea in the FIFA World Cup would run out of steam.
Shinhan chooses 3 candidates for next chairman
Shinhan Financial Group said Tuesday that it has confirmed three potential candidates for its next chairman. The candidates are current Shinhan Financial Group Chairman Cho Yong-byoung, Shinhan Bank CEO Jin Ok-dong and Shinhan Card CEO Lim Young-jin.
Foreign investors' registration obligation to be abolished
Korea's financial authorities plan to remove a decades-long obligation imposed on foreign investors to register their identities prior to investing in Korean stocks. The move is part of the Korean government's efforts to ease financial regulations on global investors, as the registration requirement for foreign investors has been pinpointed as one of the key stumbling blocks ...
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